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Online Scams - Jonathan Paul Brown & John Roncalli Sammon

I thought I'd share a story with you about something that happened yesterday afternoon.

Without warning, I received 8 premium text messages to my phone, for a fitness service ("Vfit Guru") that I had never heard of before and certainly didn't want to buy for €20.

If you google "Vfit Guru", you'll find that this is not a legitimate service. Most people who google it are simply trying to find out how they got scammed.

€20 is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. But many thousands of people across the UK & Ireland have been the victim of this sort of scam over the years, which relies on the victims not having the time or the ability to get their money back.

I'm disappointed that regulators have allowed it to happen. Here's the profile for the company which scammed me, on the Irish communication regulator's website.

The company is SP TWO LTD, registered in Milton Keynes, whose directors are Jonathan Paul Brown and John Roncalli Sammon.

SP Two's parent company is SB Media Group, also in Milton Keynes, with the same two directors. At December 2018, SB Media had retained earnings of £5.6 million. How many scam text messages is that?

I called SP Two to get my money back, and was amazed at the terrible quality of their phone line. They certainly don't want any callers!

I also emailed them, demanding a full refund. And for good measure, I contacted the communications regulator this morning, to let them know that they must stop permitting this brazen theft.

Does anybody remember Zamano (ZMNO)? It was able to make money for a while, until the introduction of PayForIt put an end to its business.

Hopefully the regulators can put an end to SB Media's business, too. Companies which charge consumers for things they never asked for should be prosecuted for theft. It's that simple. Just because it…

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