Top Holding Companies stocks in Canada

Companies primarily engaged in investing in securities/stakes of other companies and for Holdings' own profits. Holding companies might have both minority and majority stakes.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
ca flag iconSKAL.PScaling Capital 1CA$1.28mn/an/a
ca flag iconEBCD.PEureka CapitalCA$1.26mn/an/a
ca flag iconMEGO.PAmego CapitalCA$1.23mn/an/a
ca flag iconTVC.HThree Valley CopperCA$1.12mn/an/a
ca flag iconDAQ.PDominus AcquisitionsCA$1.12mn/an/a
ca flag iconSBO.HSchwabo CapitalCA$1.06mn/an/a
ca flag iconECCV.PECC Ventures 5CA$0.99mn/an/a
ca flag iconECCF.PECC Ventures 4CA$0.99mn/an/a
ca flag iconGTD.HGstaad CapitalCA$0.99mn/an/a
ca flag iconMCT.PM3 CapitalCA$0.94mn/an/a
ca flag iconBLTC.PBaltic I AcquisitionCA$0.91mn/an/a
ca flag iconDVX.PDrummond VenturesCA$0.90mn/an/a
ca flag iconAIMF.PAIM6 VenturesCA$0.89mn/an/a
ca flag iconPEC.HPeak Discovery CapitalCA$0.85mn/an/a
ca flag iconFFC.PFife CapitalCA$0.85mn/an/a
ca flag iconRSC.PRockmount CapitalCA$0.79mn/an/a
ca flag iconOAC.POA CapitalCA$0.77mn/an/a
ca flag iconTOTC.PTotec ResourcesCA$0.77mn/an/a
ca flag iconRUCC.PRupert's Crossing CapitalCA$0.75mn/an/a
ca flag iconCCII.PCuspis Capital IICA$0.75m30.46n/a