Top Holding Companies stocks in Canada

Companies primarily engaged in investing in securities/stakes of other companies and for Holdings' own profits. Holding companies might have both minority and majority stakes.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
ca flag iconAMG.PAMG AcquisitionCA$1.13mn/an/a
ca flag iconRAC.PRiverwalk AcquisitionCA$1.02mn/an/a
ca flag iconTTO.HAtoro CapitalCA$1.02mn/an/a
ca flag iconATR.PAster AcquisitionCA$1.01mn/an/a
ca flag iconCAC.PCinaport Acquisition IIICA$0.97mn/an/a
ca flag iconCAU.HChina GoldcorpCA$0.67mn/an/a
ca flag iconAAC.PAnacott AcquisitionCA$0.66mn/an/a
ca flag iconAIMF.PAIM6 VenturesCA$0.62mn/an/a
ca flag iconPNTI.PPentagon I CapitalCA$0.58mn/an/a
ca flag iconDAT.HDatum VenturesCA$0.40mn/an/a
ca flag iconSVP.HSceptre VenturesCA$0.39mn/an/a
ca flag iconCOLL.PCollingwood ResourcesCA$0.35mn/an/a
ca flag iconTCK.PTrillium AcquisitionCA$0.34mn/an/a
ca flag iconTIP.HTyner ResourcesCA$0.34mn/an/a
ca flag iconHXC.HHFX HoldingCA$0.33mn/an/a
ca flag iconMVD.HMega View Digital EntertainmentCA$0.27mn/an/a
ca flag iconZZE.HZidane CapitalCA$0.24mn/an/a
ca flag iconTCG.PTranscontinental Gold.CA$0.14mn/an/a
ca flag iconKPEN.PKP3993 ResourcesCA$0.00mn/an/a
ca flag iconMEGO.PAmego CapitalCA$0.00mn/an/a