Top Collective Investments stocks in United Kingdom

Operators of listed closed-end investment funds, as well as listed open-end investment funds, exchange-traded funds, unit investment trusts.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconFCSSFidelity China Special Situations£999.37m45.252.98%
gb flag iconHRIHerald Investment Trust£990.64m40.65n/a
gb flag iconAGTAVI Global Trust£933.59mn/a1.63%
gb flag iconMUTMurray Income Trust£915.73m13.03n/a
gb flag iconBPCPBiopharma Credit£912.10m6.046.28%
gb flag iconBPCRBiopharma Credit$1.11bn6.176.15%
gb flag iconTRYTR Property Investment Trust£891.76mn/a5.52%
gb flag iconSAINScottish American Investment£885.34m9.72.8%
gb flag iconFSVFidelity Special Values£884.79m9.182.92%
gb flag iconMNTNSchiehallion Fund$996.19mn/an/a
gb flag iconICGTICG Enterprise Trust£804.21m4.962.52%
gb flag iconAPAXApax Global Alpha£797.55mn/a7.05%
gb flag iconMRCHMerchants Trust£792.71m42.735.21%
gb flag iconOCIOakley Capital Investments£790.35m4.611%
gb flag iconEOTEuropean Opportunities Trust£775.55mn/a0.31%
gb flag iconBBHBellevue Healthcare Trust£755.02m9.064.52%
gb flag iconSDPSchroder Asiapacific Fund£753.18mn/a2.47%
gb flag iconNBPENB Private Equity Partners£735.83m13.224.86%
gb flag iconNBPUNB Private Equity Partners$897.49m13.334.82%
gb flag iconTFIFTwentyFour Income Fund£731.38mn/a9.67%