Top Energy stocks in United Kingdom

Explorers, refiners, marketers and distributors of fossil fuels, uranium and renewable energy, manufacturers of energy-related equipment and providers of supporting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconKISTKistos Holdings£161.58m1.97n/a
gb flag iconCHARChariot£157.50mn/an/a
gb flag iconHURHurricane Energy£155.17m1.73n/a
gb flag iconCNECapricorn Energy£142.88mn/an/a
gb flag iconGMSGulf Marine Services£123.49m12.1n/a
gb flag iconI3EI3 Energy£121.21m3.3918.69%
gb flag iconAFCAFC Energy£117.46mn/an/a
gb flag iconNWFNWF£103.81m6.983.71%
gb flag iconPHARPharos Energy£92.78mn/an/a
gb flag iconJOGJersey Oil and Gas£81.39mn/an/a
gb flag iconRKHRockhopper Exploration£67.45m2.57n/a
gb flag iconAETAfentra£67.01mn/an/a
gb flag iconPRDPredator Oil & Gas Holdings£66.09mn/an/a
gb flag iconCASPCaspian Sunrise£64.14m8.134.45%
gb flag iconFARFerro-Alloy Resources£44.70mn/an/a
gb flag iconWENWentworth Resources£44.14m11.35n/a
gb flag iconZPHRZephyr Energy£43.85mn/an/a
gb flag iconAEXAminex£41.27mn/an/a
gb flag iconMATDPetro Matad£41.21mn/an/a
gb flag iconBMNBushveld Minerals£40.50mn/an/a