Tokyo Stock Exchange

TYO / TYO - 3921 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
&Do Holdings Co TYO:3457 105.4 8.31 &Do Holdings Co Dividends
3-D Matrix TYO:7777 122.1 3-D Matrix Dividends
4Cs HD Co TYO:3726 20.4 4Cs HD Co Dividends
77 Bank TYO:8341 779.8 5.49 77 Bank Dividends
A-One Seimitsu TYO:6156 57.3 A-One Seimitsu Dividends
A.D.Works Co TYO:2982 44.6 A.D.Works Co Dividends
A&A Material TYO:5391 41.8 A&A Material Dividends
A&D Holon Holdings Co TYO:7745 160.3 6.75 A&D Holon Holdings Co Dividends
AB&Company Co TYO:9251 66.5 AB&Company Co Dividends
Abalance TYO:3856 109.3 Abalance Dividends
ABC-Mart TYO:2670 2,825 18.5 ABC-Mart Dividends
ABhotel Co TYO:6565 110.7 ABhotel Co Dividends
Abist Co TYO:6087 71.6 20.6 Abist Co Dividends
Access Co TYO:4813 138.7 Access Co Dividends
Access group Co TYO:7042 6.20 Access group Co Dividends
Accrete TYO:4395 58.9 Accrete Dividends
Achilles TYO:5142 129.8 Achilles Dividends
Acmos TYO:6888 21.1 Acmos Dividends
Acom Co TYO:8572 3,141 7.62 Acom Co Dividends
ACSL TYO:6232 136.9 ACSL Dividends
Activia Properties TYO:3279 2,166 Activia Properties Dividends
Acucela Inc TYO:4589 Acucela Inc Dividends
Ad Me Tech Co TYO:7778 Ad Me Tech Co Dividends
Ad-Sol Nissin TYO:3837 88.5 16.0 Ad-Sol Nissin Dividends
Adastria Co TYO:2685 578.7 15.3 Adastria Co Dividends
Adeka TYO:4401 1,552 10.0 Adeka Dividends
Adish Co TYO:7093 10.4 Adish Co Dividends
Adjuvant Holdings Co TYO:4929 50.5 Adjuvant Holdings Co Dividends
Adtec Plasma Technology Co TYO:6668 111.5 8.75 Adtec Plasma Technology Co Dividends
Advan Co TYO:7463 191.5 Advan Co Dividends
Advance Create Co TYO:8798 129.5 Advance Create Co Dividends
Advance Residence Investment TYO:3269 3,019 Advance Residence Investment Dividends
Advanced Media TYO:3773 70.1 Advanced Media Dividends
Advanex TYO:5998 39.5 Advanex Dividends
Advantage Risk Management Co TYO:8769 51.3 11.8 Advantage Risk Management Co Dividends
Advantest TYO:6857 10,058 14.5 Advantest Dividends
Adventure TYO:6030 438.9 37.2 Adventure Dividends
Adways TYO:2489 172.2 25.3 Adways Dividends
Aeon Co TYO:8267 12,258 76.7 Aeon Co Dividends
Aeon Delight Co TYO:9787 817.9 12.9 Aeon Delight Co Dividends
Aeon Fantasy Co TYO:4343 297.5 46.6 Aeon Fantasy Co Dividends
Aeon Financial Service Co TYO:8570 1,615 5.70 Aeon Financial Service Co Dividends
Aeon Hokkaido TYO:7512 890.4 Aeon Hokkaido Dividends
Aeon Kyushu Co TYO:2653 451 Aeon Kyushu Co Dividends
Aeon Mall Co TYO:8905 2,245 13.4 Aeon Mall Co Dividends
Aeon Reit Investment TYO:3292 1,947 Aeon Reit Investment Dividends
Aeria TYO:3758 48.5 Aeria Dividends
AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co TYO:2927 66.0 AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co Dividends
AGC TYO:5201 6,765 8.94 AGC Dividends
AGENT TYO:7098 AGENT Dividends
Agile Media Network TYO:6573 5.69 Agile Media Network Dividends
AGORA Hospitality Co TYO:9704 36.5 AGORA Hospitality Co Dividends
AGP TYO:9377 51.8 AGP Dividends
Agratio Urban Design TYO:3467 54.4 Agratio Urban Design Dividends
Agro-Kanesho Co TYO:4955 96.1 Agro-Kanesho Co Dividends
AGS TYO:3648 85.3 AGS Dividends
AHC TYO:7083 9.76 12.0 AHC Dividends
Ahjikan Co TYO:2907 40.0 Ahjikan Co Dividends
Ahresty TYO:5852 59.2 Ahresty Dividends
AI TYO:4388 26.1 AI Dividends
AI Cross TYO:4476 21.7 AI Cross Dividends
Ai Holdings TYO:3076 481.8 11.1 Ai Holdings Dividends
AI inside TYO:4488 92.0 AI inside Dividends
Ai Partners Financial TYO:7345 13.5 Ai Partners Financial Dividends
AIAI TYO:6557 11.3 AIAI Dividends
Aica Kogyo Co TYO:4206 1,148 13.8 Aica Kogyo Co Dividends
Aichi TYO:6345 419.7 12.3 Aichi Dividends
Aichi Bank TYO:8527 334.5 Aichi Bank Dividends
Aichi Steel TYO:5482 243.4 Aichi Steel Dividends
Aichi Tokei Denki Co TYO:7723 148.5 Aichi Tokei Denki Co Dividends
Aida Engineering TYO:6118 338.2 13.0 Aida Engineering Dividends
Aida Sekkei Co TYO:2990 Aida Sekkei Co Dividends
Aidma Holdings TYO:7373 260.6 35.3 Aidma Holdings Dividends
Aidma Marketing Communication TYO:9466 23.0 Aidma Marketing Communication Dividends
Aiful TYO:8515 1,051 6.86 Aiful Dividends
Aigan Co TYO:9854 22.9 Aigan Co Dividends
Aimechatec TYO:6227 52.6 8.53 Aimechatec Dividends
Aiming TYO:3911 77.2 Aiming Dividends
Ain Holdings TYO:9627 1,233 19.2 Ain Holdings Dividends
Ainavo Holdings Co TYO:7539 67.0 Ainavo Holdings Co Dividends
Aiphone Co TYO:6718 173.2 7.23 Aiphone Co Dividends
Air Water TYO:4088 2,430 8.94 Air Water Dividends
Airex Inc TYO:6944 Airex Inc Dividends
Airport Facilities Co TYO:8864 166.6 11.2 Airport Facilities Co Dividends
Airtech Japan TYO:6291 69.5 Airtech Japan Dividends
AirTrip TYO:6191 408.4 26.4 AirTrip Dividends
Aisan Industry Co TYO:7283 280.4 4.90 Aisan Industry Co Dividends
Aisan Technology Co TYO:4667 58.5 Aisan Technology Co Dividends
Aisin TYO:7259 6,783 6.05 Aisin Dividends
AIT TYO:9381 227.6 AIT Dividends
Aizawa Securities Co TYO:8708 163.5 Aizawa Securities Co Dividends
Ajinomoto Co TYO:2802 10,443 20.7 Ajinomoto Co Dividends
AJIS Co TYO:4659 117.3 6.23 AJIS Co Dividends
Akasaka Diesels TYO:6022 12.9 Akasaka Diesels Dividends
Akatsuki TYO:8737 62.0 Akatsuki Dividends
Akatsuki TYO:3932 237 8.67 Akatsuki Dividends
Akatsuki Eazima Co TYO:1997 16.3 Akatsuki Eazima Co Dividends
Akebono Brake Industry Co TYO:7238 119.3 Akebono Brake Industry Co Dividends
AKIBA Holdings Co TYO:6840 18.5 AKIBA Holdings Co Dividends
Akikawa Foods & Farms Co TYO:1380 27.5 Akikawa Foods & Farms Co Dividends
Akita Bank TYO:8343 171.4 Akita Bank Dividends
Albert TYO:3906 144.2 Albert Dividends
Albis Co TYO:7475 121.5 Albis Co Dividends
Alconix TYO:3036 238.7 Alconix Dividends
Alfresa Holdings TYO:2784 2,168 17.0 Alfresa Holdings Dividends
Alinco TYO:5933 102.3 7.86 Alinco Dividends
ALiNK Internet TYO:7077 12.7 ALiNK Internet Dividends
All About TYO:2454 44.2 All About Dividends
Alleanza Holdings Co TYO:3546 191.9 Alleanza Holdings Co Dividends
Allied Architects TYO:6081 70.9 Allied Architects Dividends
Allied Telesis Holdings KK TYO:6835 70.6 Allied Telesis Holdings KK Dividends
ALMADO TYO:4932 74.5 ALMADO Dividends
Almado Inc TYO:4932 74.5 Almado Inc Dividends
Almedio TYO:7859 15.8 Almedio Dividends
Almetax Manufacturing Co TYO:5928 17.4 Almetax Manufacturing Co Dividends
Alpen Co TYO:3028 467.8 Alpen Co Dividends
Alpha TYO:3322 26.3 Alpha Dividends
Alpha TYO:3434 56.7 Alpha Dividends
ALPHA CO TYO:4760 5.29 ALPHA CO Dividends
Alpha Systems TYO:4719 345.9 Alpha Systems Dividends
AlphaPolis Co TYO:9467 141.6 AlphaPolis Co Dividends
Alphax Food System Co TYO:3814 7.09 Alphax Food System Co Dividends
Alps Alpine Co TYO:6770 1,812 10.9 Alps Alpine Co Dividends
Alps Logistics Co TYO:9055 252 12.4 Alps Logistics Co Dividends
Altech TYO:4641 229.8 Altech Dividends
Altech Co TYO:9972 21.7 Altech Co Dividends
AltPlus TYO:3672 35.3 AltPlus Dividends
Alue Co TYO:7043 10.0 6.10 Alue Co Dividends
Amada Co TYO:6113 2,223 10.1 Amada Co Dividends
Amagasa Co TYO:3070 12.7 Amagasa Co Dividends
Amana TYO:2402 19.0 Amana Dividends
Amano TYO:6436 1,121 15.7 Amano Dividends
Amatei TYO:5952 8.44 Amatei Dividends
Amazia TYO:4424 25.7 Amazia Dividends
Ambition DX Holdings Co TYO:3300 22.9 Ambition DX Holdings Co Dividends
AMG Holdings Co TYO:8891 15.9 AMG Holdings Co Dividends
AmidA Holdings Co TYO:7671 13.0 6.59 AmidA Holdings Co Dividends
Amifa Co TYO:7800 12.3 Amifa Co Dividends
Amita Holdings Co TYO:2195 59.5 Amita Holdings Co Dividends
Amiya TYO:4258 27.4 Amiya Dividends
Amiyaki Tei Co TYO:2753 125.1 29.7 Amiyaki Tei Co Dividends
Amuse TYO:4301 227.2 Amuse Dividends
Amvis Holdings TYO:7071 1,222 40.4 Amvis Holdings Dividends
ANA Holdings TYO:9202 7,655 40.7 ANA Holdings Dividends
Anabuki Kosan TYO:8928 152.8 Anabuki Kosan Dividends
ANAP TYO:3189 10.1 ANAP Dividends
And Factory TYO:7035 24.7 And Factory Dividends
Anest Iwata TYO:6381 217.3 9.98 Anest Iwata Dividends
AnGes TYO:4563 348.9 AnGes Dividends
Anicom Holdings TYO:8715 339.5 20.6 Anicom Holdings Dividends
Anrakutei Co TYO:7562 86.5 Anrakutei Co Dividends
Anritsu TYO:6754 1,192 12.0 Anritsu Dividends
Anshin Guarantor Service Co TYO:7183 30.9 Anshin Guarantor Service Co Dividends
Answer Holdings Co TYO:2994 Answer Holdings Co Dividends
Anycolor TYO:5032 Anycolor Dividends
Aohata TYO:2830 125.6 Aohata Dividends
Aoi Electronics Co TYO:6832 141.9 9.34 Aoi Electronics Co Dividends
Aoki Holdings TYO:8214 351 Aoki Holdings Dividends
Aoki Super Co TYO:9977 100.9 Aoki Super Co Dividends
Aoyama Trading Co TYO:8219 276.6 28.9 Aoyama Trading Co Dividends
Aoyama Zaisan Networks Co TYO:8929 146.8 12.2 Aoyama Zaisan Networks Co Dividends
Aozora Bank TYO:8304 1,951 8.92 Aozora Bank Dividends
AP Holdings Co TYO:3175 28.7 AP Holdings Co Dividends
Apaman Co TYO:8889 53.7 Apaman Co Dividends
Aplix TYO:3727 18.0 Aplix Dividends
AppBank TYO:6177 8.19 AppBank Dividends
Appier TYO:4180 504.5 Appier Dividends
Appirits TYO:4174 28.7 Appirits Dividends
Apple International Co TYO:2788 17.4 Apple International Co Dividends
Applied Co TYO:3020 39.1 Applied Co Dividends
Applied Technology Co TYO:4356 78.4 Applied Technology Co Dividends
Aqualine TYO:6173 5.56 Aqualine Dividends
Arakawa Chemical Industries TYO:4968 121.7 8.43 Arakawa Chemical Industries Dividends
Arara TYO:4015 17.6 Arara Dividends
Arata TYO:2733 421.3 7.19 Arata Dividends
Araya Industrial Co TYO:7305 50.5 Araya Industrial Co Dividends
Arbeit-Times Co TYO:2341 22.7 Arbeit-Times Co Dividends
Architects Studio Japan TYO:6085 9.81 Architects Studio Japan Dividends
Arcland Sakamoto Co TYO:9842 376.1 5.15 Arcland Sakamoto Co Dividends
Arcland Service Holdings Co TYO:3085 410.2 19.4 Arcland Service Holdings Co Dividends
Arcs Co TYO:9948 691.1 10.3 Arcs Co Dividends
Ardepro Co TYO:8925 97.2 Ardepro Co Dividends
Area Quest TYO:8912 12.0 Area Quest Dividends
Arealink Co TYO:8914 109.5 Arealink Co Dividends
Argo Graphics TYO:7595 415.8 13.7 Argo Graphics Dividends
Ariake Japan Co TYO:2815 953.8 19.2 Ariake Japan Co Dividends
Arigatou Services Co TYO:3177 11.9 Arigatou Services Co Dividends
Arisawa Mfg Co TYO:5208 224.3 12.2 Arisawa Mfg Co Dividends
Arr Planner Co TYO:2983 45.1 Arr Planner Co Dividends
Art Force Japan Co TYO:5072 Art Force Japan Co Dividends
Art Vivant Co TYO:7523 38.2 Art Vivant Co Dividends
Arte Salon Holdings TYO:2406 42.2 Arte Salon Holdings Dividends
Arteria Networks TYO:4423 386 10.4 Arteria Networks Dividends
Artiza Networks TYO:6778 72.2 11.3 Artiza Networks Dividends
ARTNATURE TYO:7823 149.1 ARTNATURE Dividends
Artner Co TYO:2163 55.4 Artner Co Dividends
Artra TYO:6029 12.3 Artra Dividends
ArtSpark Holdings TYO:3663 178.7 ArtSpark Holdings Dividends
Aruhi TYO:7198 209.3 6.45 Aruhi Dividends
As One TYO:7476 1,480 29.3 As One Dividends
Asagami TYO:9311 33.8 Asagami Dividends
Asahi Broadcasting group TYO:9405 174.4 Asahi Broadcasting group Dividends
Asahi Co TYO:3333 213 Asahi Co Dividends
Asahi Concrete Works Co TYO:5268 57.8 Asahi Concrete Works Co Dividends
Asahi Diamond Industrial Co TYO:6140 204.3 11.9 Asahi Diamond Industrial Co Dividends
ASAHI EITO Co TYO:5341 9.15 ASAHI EITO Co Dividends
Asahi group TYO:2502 13,412 13.4 Asahi group Dividends
Asahi Holdings TYO:5857 1,025 9.31 Asahi Holdings Dividends
Asahi Intecc Co TYO:7747 3,160 37.3 Asahi Intecc Co Dividends
Asahi Intelligence Service Co TYO:9799 54.6 Asahi Intelligence Service Co Dividends
Asahi Kagaku Kogyo Co TYO:7928 13.7 Asahi Kagaku Kogyo Co Dividends
Asahi Kasei TYO:3407 8,950 9.54 Asahi Kasei Dividends
Asahi Kogyosha Co TYO:1975 128.1 Asahi Kogyosha Co Dividends
Asahi Net TYO:3834 103.9 10.3 Asahi Net Dividends
Asahi Printing Co TYO:3951 113.9 Asahi Printing Co Dividends
Asahi Rubber TYO:5162 15.2 6.38 Asahi Rubber Dividends
Asahi Yukizai TYO:4216 234.7 8.52 Asahi Yukizai Dividends
Asahimatsu Foods Co TYO:2911 25.0 Asahimatsu Foods Co Dividends
Asahipen TYO:4623 42.1 Asahipen Dividends
Asaka Industrial Co TYO:5962 9.00 Asaka Industrial Co Dividends
Asaka Riken Co TYO:5724 45.2 Asaka Riken Co Dividends
Asakuma Co TYO:7678 51.0 Asakuma Co Dividends
Asante TYO:6073 102.3 Asante Dividends
Asanuma TYO:1852 266.1 Asanuma Dividends
Asax Co TYO:8772 124.4 Asax Co Dividends
Ascentech KK TYO:3565 61.3 Ascentech KK Dividends
Ascot TYO:3264 142.6 Ascot Dividends
Aseed Holdings Co TYO:9959 39.5 Aseed Holdings Co Dividends
Asgent TYO:4288 18.5 Asgent Dividends
Ashimori Industry Co TYO:3526 39.6 Ashimori Industry Co Dividends
Asia Air Survey Co TYO:9233 82.2 Asia Air Survey Co Dividends
Asia Development Capital Co TYO:9318 58.5 Asia Development Capital Co Dividends
Asia Gate Holdings Co TYO:1783 66.1 Asia Gate Holdings Co Dividends
Asia Pile Holdings TYO:5288 109.9 6.68 Asia Pile Holdings Dividends
Asian Star Co TYO:8946 9.25 Asian Star Co Dividends
AsiaQuest Co TYO:4261 25.1 AsiaQuest Co Dividends
Asics TYO:7936 2,487 21.9 Asics Dividends
ASIRO TYO:7378 38.1 18.7 ASIRO Dividends
ASJ TYO:2351 25.2 ASJ Dividends
ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Co TYO:4886 173.2 7.34 ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Dividends
Aska Pharmaceutical Holdings Co TYO:4886 173.2 7.34 Aska Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Dividends
Askul TYO:2678 910.4 14.6 Askul Dividends
Asmarq Co TYO:4197 Asmarq Co Dividends
Asmo TYO:2654 36.7 Asmo Dividends
Aso Foam Crete Co TYO:1730 10.4 Aso Foam Crete Co Dividends
Astellas Pharma TYO:4503 23,061 15.8 Astellas Pharma Dividends
Astena Holdings Co TYO:8095 103.7 Astena Holdings Co Dividends
Asteria TYO:3853 103.2 Asteria Dividends
Asterisk TYO:6522 79.8 Asterisk Dividends
Asti TYO:6899 37.1 Asti Dividends
Astmax Co TYO:7162 18.1 Astmax Co Dividends
Asukanet Co TYO:2438 110.8 Asukanet Co Dividends
Ateam TYO:3662 83.5 95.9 Ateam Dividends
Atect TYO:4241 18.7 Atect Dividends
Atled TYO:3969 93.4 Atled Dividends
Atom TYO:7412 927.4 Atom Dividends
Atom Livin Tech Co TYO:3426 36.4 Atom Livin Tech Co Dividends
Atomix Co TYO:4625 22.2 Atomix Co Dividends
Atrae TYO:6194 275.7 55.3 Atrae Dividends
Atsugi Co TYO:3529 54.7 Atsugi Co Dividends
AuBEX TYO:3583 15.5 AuBEX Dividends
Aucfan Co TYO:3674 30.7 Aucfan Co Dividends
Aucnet TYO:3964 293.5 Aucnet Dividends
Aun Consulting TYO:2459 7.83 Aun Consulting Dividends
Autobacs Seven Co TYO:9832 670.2 Autobacs Seven Co Dividends
Autowave Co TYO:2666 9.30 Autowave Co Dividends
Aval Data TYO:6918 117.5 Aval Data Dividends
Avant TYO:3836 293.2 20.7 Avant Dividends
Avantia Co TYO:8904 75.6 Avantia Co Dividends
Avex TYO:7860 313 11.4 Avex Dividends
AVIX TYO:7836 18.4 AVIX Dividends
Awa Bank TYO:8388 524.2 Awa Bank Dividends
Awa Paper & Technological TYO:3896 19.9 Awa Paper & Technological Dividends
Axas Holdings Co TYO:3536 19.9 Axas Holdings Co Dividends
Axel Mark TYO:3624 23.0 Axel Mark Dividends
Axell TYO:6730 55.9 Axell Dividends
Axial Retailing TYO:8255 431.3 10.3 Axial Retailing Dividends
Axis Co TYO:4012 36.1 Axis Co Dividends
Axxzia TYO:4936 140.2 16.0 Axxzia Dividends
Axyz Co TYO:1381 117.3 Axyz Co Dividends
az-earth Co TYO:9276 az-earth Co Dividends
Azbil TYO:6845 3,100 21.6 Azbil Dividends
Azearth TYO:3161 21.8 Azearth Dividends
AZoom Co TYO:3496 133 33.4 AZoom Co Dividends
Azplanning Co TYO:3490 7.20 Azplanning Co Dividends
Azuma House Co TYO:3293 35.6 Azuma House Co Dividends
Azuma Shipping Co TYO:9380 51.8 Azuma Shipping Co Dividends
B-Lot Co TYO:3452 61.0 B-Lot Co Dividends
B-R 31 Ice Cream Co TYO:2268 242.8 B-R 31 Ice Cream Co Dividends
B&P Co TYO:7804 14.4 B&P Co Dividends
Baby Calendar TYO:7363 11.7 Baby Calendar Dividends
BALMUDA TYO:6612 148.3 BALMUDA Dividends
Balnibarbi Co TYO:3418 55.4 7.66 Balnibarbi Co Dividends
Bandai Namco Holdings TYO:7832 13,146 23.6 Bandai Namco Holdings Dividends
Bando Chemical Industries TYO:5195 246.6 Bando Chemical Industries Dividends
Bank of Innovation TYO:4393 70.9 Bank of Innovation Dividends
Bank of Iwate TYO:8345 211.8 Bank of Iwate Dividends
Bank of Japan TYO:8301 0.000 Bank of Japan Dividends
Bank of Kochi TYO:8416 48.2 Bank of Kochi Dividends
Bank of Kyoto TYO:8369 2,587 18.9 Bank of Kyoto Dividends
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