Throughout the years Stockopedia has created a significant amount of content designed to help you improve your investing. In 2023 alone, the team wrote 315 articles, created 25 videos, hosted 9 webinars and a produced a high-quality ‘Makings of a Multibagger’ research report that was subsequently covered in the Times.

With such a large amount of great content, it can be quite hard to find the content you need, be it the slides for a recent webinar, or our detailed analysis on Profit Warnings, IPOs or Quality Investing.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Stockopedia Academy, a new portal dedicated to hosting our best educational content in a one-stop shop for you.

What is the Stockopedia Academy?

The Stockopedia Academy is a educational platform housing our great content covering various topics on investing, stock analysis, portfolio management, and more.

What can you expect from the Stockopedia Academy?

Within the Stockopedia Academy, you can:

> Gain in-depth knowledge via reading through our detailed Research Reports and numerous articles covering topics on stock analysis, investment strategy and portfolio management (which we are adding to each day!)

> Catch up on all our webinars, masterclasses and educational videos in our full library of videos with their downloadable slides.

> Read Megan’s popular Weekly Newsletters (which you can sign up to here)

How can you access the Stockopedia Academy?

You will find our latest content at the bottom of the Today page. You can also directly link to the Academy via ‘See All’ link.


What's next for the Stockopedia Academy?

At Stockopedia, we believe that continued learning is the key to successful investing. We are committed to continuously expanding the Stockopedia Academy to provide an ever-growing repository of educational content. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more articles and resources to further enrich your learning, including a new webinar Forensic stock analysis masterclass: How to get the most out of the StockReports in 2024. As this area of the site progresses you can expect the Learn button to link directly to the Academy.

Stay tuned for more updates!