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Image related to an article about Intermediate Capital

The Intermediate Capital share price – where next?


The Intermediate Capital (LON:ICP) share price has risen by 2.65% over the past month and it’s currently trading at 1,570p. For investors considering whether to buy, hold or sell the stock, the question now is whether this price run wi...


Image related to an article about SThree

Why the market might have got the SThree share price wrong


Good shares at cheap prices are what the very best investors look for. At this time of economic turmoil, could SThree (LON:STEM) be one of them? When it comes to the proven drivers of stock market profits, a blend of "good" and "cheap"...


Image related to an article about NCC

The NCC share price - here is what analysts think


Trading recommendations from company analysts can offer a glimpse of what the experts think the future holds. Their 'buy', 'hold' and 'sell' ratings reflect their views about the likely future performance of the stocks they cover - and...


Image related to an article about Intertek

Are analysts upbeat on the outlook for Intertek?


While the world wrestles with the impact of Covid, inflation and geopolitical strife, investors are naturally wondering what lies in store for some of the country's largest quoted companies, such as Intertek (LON:ITRK).  Intertek is an...


Image related to an article about Beazley

Which way is the Beazley share price trending?


Despite economic uncertainty, shares in Beazley (LON:BEZ) have been in an uptrend in recent months. The question now for investors is whether that price strength will continue. Finding stocks with the potential to break-out as their po...


Image related to an article about Bridgepoint

Do analysts think that Bridgepoint is a buy, hold or sell?


Buy, hold and sell recommendations from company analysts can be a useful signal about the sentiment around a stock. Examining the 'consensus' rating among brokers can give you a sense of whether the share is worth buying or not. Take B...


Image related to an article about Trainline

Momentum investing with Trainline (LON:TRN)

Consumer Cyclicals

Intriguing research into stock market price trends shows that investors behave strangely when a stock trades close to its 52-week high... Despite flying high, holders of the shares are more likely to sell out and snatch a profit than h...


Image related to an article about Rank

Quality and value are positive signs for Rank

Consumer Cyclicals

Shares in Rank (LON:RNK) are currently trading at 105p but a key question for investors is how geopolitical and economic turmoil will continue to affect the price. Part of the answer comes down to judging whether the stock is well plac...


Image related to an article about Prudential

What do analysts think about Prudential?


Company analysts usually understand the stocks they cover better than just about anyone else. For that reason, it can be useful to know whether they think investors should 'buy', 'hold' or 'sell' them. These kinds of clues can give you...


Image related to an article about Games Workshop

Why Games Workshop passes this dividend checklist

Consumer Cyclicals

The return 'boost' you get from cash dividends is a vital part of the total profits that can be had from investing in shares. In times of economic uncertainty, these payouts from shares like Games Workshop (LON:GAW) are more important...


Image related to an article about Wincanton

Can Wincanton withstand this economic turmoil?


A wave of economic turmoil has washed through the stock market over the past two years, sending investors fleeing for the perceived safety of dependable dividends. Finding the best dividends on offer is tough, and in this article we're...


Image related to an article about Melrose Industries

What is the broker consensus view on Melrose Industries?


'Buy' and 'sell' recommendations from company analysts often catch the attention of investors - but it's worth remembering that city experts can get things wrong. So rather than relying on just one recommendation, a potentially better...


Image related to an article about Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered hits 52w high – but will it continue?


It's a good time to be a shareholder in Standard Chartered (LON:STAN) - as the share approaches its 52-week high, holders may be wondering whether to sell and take the profit, or buy more and ride the uptrend. Shares in Standard Charte...


Image related to an article about Carnival

Is there momentum behind the Carnival share price?

Consumer Cyclicals

It has been a wild ride for some of the UK's biggest quoted companies over the past year. Economic uncertainty persists and the question on the minds of many investors is where the prices of stocks like Carnival (LON:CCL) will go from...


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