Top Coal stocks in Australia

Explorers, miners and processors of coal. Includes providers of test, tunnel, blast, train, and other contract-based, coal-related services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
au flag iconYALYancoal AustraliaAU$6.91bn2.2820.46%
au flag iconWHCWhitehaven CoalAU$5.80bn2.2910.68%
au flag iconNHCNew HopeAU$5.36bn4.848.04%
au flag iconSMRStanmore ResourcesAU$3.30bn2.68n/a
au flag iconTERTerracomAU$332.40m1.2750.6%
au flag iconGRXGreenX MetalsAU$212.37mn/an/a
au flag iconBRLBathurst ResourcesAU$195.19m2.34n/a
au flag iconTIGTigers Realm CoalAU$65.33m0.91n/a
au flag iconMCMMC MiningAU$59.95mn/an/a
au flag iconAQCAustralian Pacific CoalAU$54.66mn/an/a
au flag iconAKMAspire MiningAU$43.66m162.26n/a
au flag iconREYRey ResourcesAU$38.15mn/an/a
au flag iconMYEMetarockAU$34.61mn/an/a
au flag iconJALJameson ResourcesAU$19.97mn/an/a
au flag iconAJLAJ LucasAU$17.88mn/an/a
au flag iconNAENew Age ExplorationAU$8.62mn/an/a
au flag iconRONRonin ResourcesAU$5.04mn/an/a
au flag iconIECIntra EnergyAU$3.05m2.25n/a
au flag iconAVMAdvance MetalsAU$2.94mn/an/a
au flag iconWECWhite EnergyAU$2.88mn/an/a