Top Biotechnology & Medical Research stocks in Sweden

Researchers and developers of biotechnology based drugs and therapies as well as medical devices and procedures that are at an early (non-commercial) stage.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconBIOA BBioArctic ABSEK20.47bn79.88n/a
se flag iconALIF BAddLife ABSEK11.86bn53.21.23%
se flag iconVICOVicore Pharma Holding ABSEK1.72bnn/an/a
se flag iconHNSAHansa Biopharma ABSEK1.34bnn/an/a
se flag iconDVYSRDevyser Diagnostics ABSEK1.19bnn/an/a
se flag iconXSPRAYXSpray Pharma AB (publ)SEK1.18bnn/an/a
se flag iconCRNO BCereno Scientific ABSEK1.15bnn/an/a
se flag iconBINVBioInvent International ABSEK1.01bnn/an/a
se flag iconONCOOncopeptides ABSEK773.80mn/an/a
se flag iconIVACCIntervacc ABSEK627.85mn/an/a
se flag iconDMYD BDiamyd Medical ABSEK596.19mn/an/a
se flag iconCANTACantargia ABSEK590.47mn/an/a
se flag iconPROPromimic ABSEK571.09mn/an/a
se flag iconCURASCurasight A/SDKK375.99mn/an/a
se flag iconIMMUMendus AB (publ)SEK496.31mn/an/a
se flag iconINITInitiator Pharma A/SSEK486.94mn/an/a
se flag iconINTIntellego Technologies ABSEK398.58m19.35n/a
se flag iconKANKancera ABSEK395.30mn/an/a
se flag iconATORXAlligator Bioscience ABSEK322.20mn/an/a
se flag iconABLIAbliva ABSEK269.88mn/an/a