Top Biotechnology & Medical Research stocks in Japan

Researchers and developers of biotechnology based drugs and therapies as well as medical devices and procedures that are at an early (non-commercial) stage.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4587PeptiDream¥198bn65.39n/a
jp flag icon2160GNI¥174bn21.05n/a
jp flag icon4974Takara Bio¥124bn50.754.07%
jp flag icon2395Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories¥67bn11.83.1%
jp flag icon4592SanBio Co¥44bnn/an/a
jp flag icon2929Pharma Foods International Co¥28bn5.272.29%
jp flag icon130AVeritas in Silico¥16bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4563AnGes¥16bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4571Nano Mrna Co¥12bnn/an/a
jp flag icon2370Medinet Co¥12bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4891TMS Co¥12bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4593Healios KK¥11bnn/an/a
jp flag icon2183Linical Co¥10bn9.163.25%
jp flag icon77773-D Matrix¥10bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4893Noile-Immune Biotech¥9bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4583Chiome Bioscience¥9bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4572Carna Biosciences¥8bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4890Tsubota Laboratory¥7bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4892Cyfuse Biomedical KK¥5bnn/an/a
jp flag icon2397DNA Chip Research¥5bnn/an/a