Top Pharmaceuticals stocks in Japan

Manufacturers and marketers of generic and specialty drugs, as well as researchers and developers of new drugs, medical products and procedures.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4568Daiichi Sankyo Co¥11tn52.830.9%
jp flag icon4519Chugai Pharmaceutical Co¥8tn25.221.6%
jp flag icon4502Takeda Pharmaceutical Co¥6tn44.854.55%
jp flag icon4578Otsuka Holdings Co¥4tn13.81.69%
jp flag icon4503Astellas Pharma¥3tn256.424.71%
jp flag icon4507Shionogi & Co¥2tn12.772.24%
jp flag icon4523Eisai Co¥2tn40.852.36%
jp flag icon4151Kyowa Kirin Co¥1tn15.912.14%
jp flag icon4528Ono Pharmaceutical Co¥1tn8.493.53%
jp flag icon4581Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co¥704bn31.131.16%
jp flag icon4527Rohto Pharmaceutical Co¥656bn20.510.94%
jp flag icon4536Santen Pharmaceutical Co¥580bn22.012.07%
jp flag icon7459Medipal Holdings¥471bn11.442.67%
jp flag icon9987Suzuken Co¥363bn12.381.71%
jp flag icon4540Tsumura & Co¥300bn17.262.15%
jp flag icon4530Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co¥288bn19.922.24%
jp flag icon4887Sawai group Co¥269bn15.632.12%
jp flag icon4516Nippon Shinyaku Co¥249bn9.633.35%
jp flag icon8129Toho Holdings Co¥237bn12.730.95%
jp flag icon4547Kissei Pharmaceutical Co¥140bn13.172.59%