Top Healthcare Providers & Services stocks in Japan

Operators of healthcare facilities and providers of managed healthcare.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon7071Amvis Holdings¥258bn46.620.11%
jp flag icon4544H.U. group¥152bn19.394.68%
jp flag icon4694BML¥110bn8.622.84%
jp flag icon9229Sunwels Co¥83bn76.070.31%
jp flag icon9158CUC¥74bn24.42n/a
jp flag icon6197Solasto¥59bn10.273.21%
jp flag icon7779Cyberdyne¥57bnn/an/a
jp flag icon6099Elan¥50bn20.591.33%
jp flag icon4880CellSource Co¥43bn39.06n/a
jp flag icon6062Charm Care¥37bn12.591.92%
jp flag icon6078Value HR Co¥33bn37.61.69%
jp flag icon7096StemCell Institute¥27bn112.4n/a
jp flag icon2372I'rom Co¥23bn9.532.65%
jp flag icon4671Falco Holdings Co¥22bn10.023.26%
jp flag icon2374Saint-Care Holding¥21bn11.842.8%
jp flag icon7061Japan Hospice Holdings¥19bn26.4n/a
jp flag icon2373Care Twentyone¥10bn91.052.33%
jp flag icon8769Advantage Risk Management Co¥8bn19.092.15%
jp flag icon6059Uchiyama Holdings Co¥7bnn/a1.36%
jp flag icon7091Living Platform¥6bn66.36n/a