Top Utilities stocks in Japan

Producers and distributors of electricity, natural gas, water and steam, among other utility services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon9503Kansai Electric Power Co¥2tn3.742.57%
jp flag icon9531Tokyo Gas Co¥1tn4.511.93%
jp flag icon9502Chubu Electric Power Co¥1tn3.352.75%
jp flag icon9532Osaka Gas Co¥1tn6.642.17%
jp flag icon9501Tokyo Electric Power Holdings¥1tnn/an/a
jp flag icon9508Kyushu Electric Power Co¥470bn3.44n/a
jp flag icon9506Tohoku Electric Power Co¥465bn2.850.54%
jp flag icon9513Electric Power Development Co¥416bn5.014.17%
jp flag icon9504Chugoku Electric Power Co¥358bn4.960.5%
jp flag icon9533Toho Gas Co¥278bn5.522.27%
jp flag icon8174Nippon Gas Co¥261bn19.423.03%
jp flag icon9507Shikoku Electric Power Co¥211bn11.141.46%
jp flag icon9505Hokuriku Electric Power Co¥152bn11.39n/a
jp flag icon9509Hokkaido Electric Power Incorporated¥128bn4.760.8%
jp flag icon9519Renova¥86bn52.97n/a
jp flag icon9543Shizuoka Gas Co¥75bn4.61.92%
jp flag icon9536Saibu Gas Holdings Co¥70bn6.923.72%
jp flag icon9511Okinawa Electric Power Co¥58bnn/a0.47%
jp flag icon9534Hokkaido Gas Co¥40bn3.413.3%
jp flag icon9517Erex Co¥39bnn/a3.37%