Top Insurance stocks in Japan

Underwriters and carriers of property, casualty, life and health insurance policies, as well as reinsurance carriers.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8766Tokio Marine Holdings¥9tn12.042.57%
jp flag icon6178Japan Post Holdings Co¥5tn20.915.26%
jp flag icon8725MS&AD Insurance group¥4tn10.73.06%
jp flag icon8750Dai-ichi Life Holdings¥3tn11.432.55%
jp flag icon8630SOMPO Holdings¥3tn6.993.2%
jp flag icon8795T&D Holdings¥1tn13.482.61%
jp flag icon7181Japan Post Insurance Co¥1tn15.133.42%
jp flag icon7388FP Partner¥159bn41.541.09%
jp flag icon7157Lifenet Insurance Co¥111bn34.42n/a
jp flag icon8715Anicom Holdings¥47bn16.320.68%
jp flag icon7326SBI Insurance Co¥29bn15.450.86%
jp flag icon4310Dream Incubator¥27bnn/an/a
jp flag icon8798Advance Create Co¥22bnn/a3.43%
jp flag icon7192Mortgage Service Japan¥8bn8.473.76%
jp flag icon7343Broad-Minded Co¥7bn18.611.82%
jp flag icon7325IRRC¥6bn48.522.09%
jp flag icon5836Agent Insurance¥3bn31.63n/a
jp flag icon5843Nippon Insure Co¥2bn11.02n/a
jp flag icon7170Chuou International Co¥599m19.35n/a
jp flag icon5839HOLOS Holdings Con/an/an/a