Top Real Estate Operations stocks in Taiwan

Developers and managers of real estate who build, rent and lease residential and commercial properties. Includes real estate brokerage and agency services, real estate appraisal services and consulting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon9945Ruentex Development CoTWD109.92bn24.52n/a
tw flag icon2542Highwealth ConstructionTWD72.15bn16.731.15%
tw flag icon5522Farglory Land Development CoTWD44.24bn10.735.3%
tw flag icon1808Run Long Construction CoTWD42.80bn18.420.63%
tw flag icon2923Sino Horizon HoldingsTWD39.24bnn/a2.66%
tw flag icon2539Sakura Development CoTWD36.06bn31.440.35%
tw flag icon2548Huaku Development CoTWD24.93bn14.678.32%
tw flag icon2540JSL Construction & Development CoTWD24.28bn40.111.33%
tw flag icon5534Chong Hong Construction CoTWD21.25bn16.157.51%
tw flag icon2530Delpha Construction CoTWD21.13bn59.51.63%
tw flag icon9940Sinyi RealtyTWD21.11bn14.484.19%
tw flag icon2520Kindom Development CoTWD17.66bn10.285.39%
tw flag icon2501Cathay Real Estate Development CoTWD17.45bn9.273.32%
tw flag icon2511Prince Housing & DevelopmentTWD17.44bn19.564.65%
tw flag icon2545Huang Hsiang ConstructionTWD12.83bn45.8111.75%
tw flag icon6177Da-Li Development CoTWD12.77bn34.412.89%
tw flag icon1442Advancetek Enterprise CoTWD12.67bn16.754.62%
tw flag icon2524King's Town Construction CoTWD11.18bn15.89n/a
tw flag icon2528Crowell DevelopmentTWD10.72bn31.121.77%
tw flag icon3056Fu Hua Innovation CoTWD9.86bn4.557.16%