Top Metals & Mining stocks in Korea, Republic of

Miners and processors of Precious Metals & Minerals, steel, aluminum and specialty metals and minerals. It also includes integrated mining, and mining support services & equipment companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon005490Posco HoldingsKR₩20tn2.76.96%
kr flag icon010130Korea ZincKR₩11tn12.243.34%
kr flag icon004020Hyundai Steel CoKR₩4tn2.52.95%
kr flag icon001230Dongkuk Steel Mill CoKR₩1tn1.542.9%
kr flag icon016380KG DongbuSteel CoKR₩1tn6.150.79%
kr flag icon103140PoongsanKR₩769bn3.173.64%
kr flag icon003030Seah Steel HoldingsKR₩646bn2.961.09%
kr flag icon001430SeAh Besteel HoldingsKR₩591bn3.128.9%
kr flag icon002240Kiswire CoKR₩487bn3.341.42%
kr flag icon306200Seah SteelKR₩459bn3.482.13%
kr flag icon060720KH Vatec CoKR₩442bn13.441.54%
kr flag icon058650SeAH HoldingsKR₩398bn2.442.7%
kr flag icon004890Dongil Industries CoKR₩394bn8.452.2%
kr flag icon001250GS GlobalKR₩315bn7.29n/a
kr flag icon139990Ajusteel CoKR₩312bn9.58n/a
kr flag icon081000Iljin Diamond CoKR₩312bn31.791.82%
kr flag icon002710TCC SteelKR₩306bn9.191.14%
kr flag icon009520Posco M-Tech CoKR₩291bn19.321.14%
kr flag icon084010Daehan Steel CoKR₩290bn2.082.56%
kr flag icon001780Aluko CoKR₩285bn32.27n/a