Top Metals & Mining stocks in Korea, Republic of

Miners and processors of Precious Metals & Minerals, steel, aluminum and specialty metals and minerals. It also includes integrated mining, and mining support services & equipment companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon001250GS GlobalKR₩232bn5.36n/a
kr flag icon084010Daehan Steel CoKR₩230bn1.763.23%
kr flag icon008350Namsun Aluminium CoKR₩228bn4.39n/a
kr flag icon081000Iljin Diamond CoKR₩227bn34.882.5%
kr flag icon001780Aluko CoKR₩216bn19.64n/a
kr flag icon002710TCC SteelKR₩202bn5.731.82%
kr flag icon004560Hyundai BNG Steel CoKR₩175bn2.280.87%
kr flag icon001940KISCO HoldingsKR₩171bn1.763.24%
kr flag icon058430Posco Steeleon CoKR₩171bn1.673.51%
kr flag icon396300SeA Mechanics CoKR₩153bn25.87n/a
kr flag icon009190Daiyang Metal CoKR₩149bn5.18n/a
kr flag icon019440SeAH Special Steel CoKR₩149bn5.626.74%
kr flag icon000970Korea Castiron Pipe Ind CoKR₩148bn2.985.83%
kr flag icon014280Kumkang Kind CoKR₩138bn4.921.95%
kr flag icon007280Korea Steel CoKR₩133bn3.15n/a
kr flag icon024090DCMKR₩129bn2.336.43%
kr flag icon053260Keum Kang Steel CoKR₩126bn14.051.58%
kr flag icon032560Hwang Kum Steel & Technology CoKR₩124bn3.322.57%
kr flag icon008970Dongyang Steel Pipe CoKR₩122bnn/an/a
kr flag icon120030Chosun Welding Pohang CoKR₩109bn8.211.38%