Top Basic Materials stocks in United States

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconASHAshland$4.72bn25.231.58%
us flag iconCBTCabot$4.61bn9.821.89%
us flag iconHUNHuntsman$4.50bn223.433.64%
us flag iconCCChemours Co$4.38bn11.33.39%
us flag iconFULH.B. Fuller$4.27bn27.611.02%
us flag iconKNFKnife River$4.09bn22.42n/a
us flag iconKWRQuaker Chemical$3.58bn42.340.87%
us flag iconAVNTAvient$3.57bn22.732.53%
us flag iconSMGScotts Miracle-Gro Co$3.34bnn/a4.49%
us flag iconWORWorthington Enterprises$3.21bn9.521.95%
us flag iconCRSCarpenter Technology$3.19bn22.431.24%
us flag iconIOSPInnospec$3.10bn20.751.13%
us flag iconHCCWarrior Met Coal$3.02bn6.060.48%
us flag iconARNCArconic (PITTSBURGH)$3.01bn66.12n/a
us flag iconGEFGreif$2.96bn8.513.2%
us flag iconGEF.BGreif$2.96bn8.483.21%
us flag iconCSTMConstellium SE$2.88bn25.52n/a
us flag iconSXTSensient Technologies$2.87bn23.52.42%
us flag iconDSEYDiversey Holdings$2.72bnn/an/a
us flag iconMTRNMaterion$2.71bn27.710.39%