Top Basic Materials stocks in Germany

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
de flag iconOLGVerallia Deutschland AG€625.00m14.722.73%
de flag iconSIM0Simona AG€450.00m10.812.27%
de flag icon2HRAH&R GmbH & Co KgaA€231.52m4.72n/a
de flag iconNTGNabaltec AG€192.72m9.711.14%
de flag iconB5ABauer AG€170.64m7.35n/a
de flag iconACTAlzChem AG€166.23m5.986.1%
de flag iconDR0Deutsche Rohstoff AG€116.42m2.992.55%
de flag iconIBUIBU-tec advanced materials AG€79.71m58.01n/a
de flag iconNWXNORDWEST Handel AG€65.38m6.231.96%
de flag iconS4AASMT Scharf AG€58.55m3.14n/a
de flag iconWOLFMeta Wolf AG€49.63mn/an/a
de flag iconDLXDelignit AG€44.25m34.95n/a
de flag iconAMA1Altech Advanced Materials AG€39.20mn/an/a
de flag iconLEHLehner Investments AG€20.14m482.76n/a
de flag iconBSH1Bauba Resources€18.45mn/an/a
de flag icon02PPEARL GOLD AG€17.50mn/an/a
de flag iconGRFGreiffenberger AG€10.77m1.52n/a
de flag icon37GCeritech AG€2.18mn/an/a
de flag iconGOGAfrika Gold AG€0.49mn/an/a
de flag iconNSNNeschen Ag€0.07mn/an/a