Top Financials stocks in Japan

Operators of commercial and investment banks, investment trusts and financial markets, as well as providers of investment, insurance and real estate services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8572Acom Co¥531bn10.163.24%
jp flag icon3288Open House Co¥509bn5.533.65%
jp flag icon7167Mebuki Financial¥473bn16.692.52%
jp flag icon8954Orix Jreit¥472bn24.794.57%
jp flag icon8960United Urban Investment¥471bn24.14.19%
jp flag icon3269Advance Residence Investment¥467bn28.23.59%
jp flag icon5838Rakuten Bank¥452bn11.9n/a
jp flag icon8804Tokyo Tatemono Co¥434bn12.953.46%
jp flag icon8252Marui Co¥427bn20.453.5%
jp flag icon8963Invincible Investment¥408bn26.413.79%
jp flag icon8359Hachijuni Bank¥399bn18.192.47%
jp flag icon8253Credit Saison Co¥392bn4.262.91%
jp flag icon8905Aeon Mall Co¥392bn19.12.91%
jp flag icon7180Kyushu Financial¥374bn16.061.74%
jp flag icon8410Seven Bank¥362bn15.743.56%
jp flag icon8424Fuyo General Lease Co¥362bn8.063.16%
jp flag icon8955Japan Prime Realty Investment¥361bn21.794.24%
jp flag icon8304Aozora Bank¥358bn66.765.03%
jp flag icon3309Sekisui House Reit¥351bn25.394.37%
jp flag icon7164Zenkoku Hosho Co¥338bn11.73.01%